Great reading

Great reading, read it in just 2 sittings! Loved the honesty and got to know Cindy much better!

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Beautifully done!

Beautifully done! I was touched and reminded of my own personal losses, trauma. Though her journey Roggeman takes you into real life memories and brings hope to your soul.

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A beautifully painted story

I read from start to finish today. A beautifully painted story that carried me through her life's journeys. Made me realize that I am not alone...that others have had trials and pain and loss. The love of our four-legged babies is universal. Find the joy [...]

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Overflowing with affliction and loss

In this all too human memoir, you’ll walk casually through childhood moments and adult routines, periodically seizes with fear, shame, anger and deep loss as you journey through Roggeman’s world. Veiled thinly beneath the graceful and sweet storyline is everyone’s journey through life. Messy, absurd [...]

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