There are times I feel broken, not sure of myself but, I continue to embrace life one day at a time. Many tears flowed with the writing of this book. It brought up the shadow and the light side of my childhood memories. We all have them. The joys and the heartaches.

The writing, the creativity has allowed me to start the healing process. An undertaking which can only come from within ourselves. We must own and acknowledge our pain. There will be days when we believe that the healing has taken place, and then another trigger will set it in motion once again. Staying in the here and now, being in the present will keep you on track.

Everybody in different ways gets intensely sucked in by these challenges and obstacles that keep coming throughout our life. When life challenges you instead of allowing drama, suffering or anger to be your reaction. Be mindful, bring yourself back to present. Whether it is trauma, grief, divorce or something as simple as being impatient in a grocery store line when traffic is at a standstill, or if a restaurant serves your dinner incorrectly.

Instead of having old reactive patterns surface. Change the way you deal with these difficulties. It is only through these experiences that we develop and grow. Know yourself as a conscious presence and life will begin to flow in the direction that you want. For your best and highest good.