The Blue Wings of the Dragonfly

The lure of the dragonfly has been in existence for over 300 million years, continuing to draw people from many cultures and civilizations. They are a symbol of change and self-realization, navigating the environment with elegance and grace, as they begin life in the water and magically transition to life in the air. Dragonflies are mystical and wonderous, reminding us of the change that can occur with the slightest breeze. They provide the courage and strength to move through illusions and bring dreams into reality, helping us on our path of discovery and enlightenment. They show us that no matter how brief our time here; we are never too old to make this kind of life transitions and transformations.

The spirit of the dragonflies is very powerful. In some Native American beliefs, it is said that the dragonflies are a symbol of renewal after a time of great hardship. The Japanese believe that dragonflies are symbolic of success, victory, happiness, strength, and courage. In Indian culture they believe that dragonflies are the embodiment of spirits that have already gone on; they are the bringers of dreams from the afterlife. When a dragonfly sits on your shoulder, all your dreams are thought to come true. Listen to the wind in your soul with heartfelt anticipation, lightness of being and Joy!

The writing of this book was set in motion by a force far greater than I. It is compelling and written from the heart. Life brings us challenges but also rewards. Sad times but also good ones. Pain is a doorway, through which you can find the magic in a myriad of facets that compose one’s life; more importantly healing from within. Stay positive and focused in the face of adversity. Practice mindfulness and in the silence, find the true nature of yourself.

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What others are saying:

A heartfelt tale of triumph and tragedy

The Blue Wings of the Dragonfly is a heartfelt tale of triumph and tragedy, of being tested by the universe over and over. In reading it, you’ll feel as though you’re simply having a conversation with the author, one in which she takes you into the most personal aspects of her life. It tugs at your heartstrings, and you’ll likely find yourself tearing up – but ultimately leaving with a feeling of hope for yourself and for this life.

Chelsea Young
Editor-in-Chief Scottsdale! magazine and Author of the forthcoming children’s book, The Color of Mother.

An inspiring biographical tale

The Blue Wings of the Dragonfly is an inspiring biographical tale of a survivor. This woman’s life journey has been riddled with unforeseen circumstances which she learned how to overcome on her own and now shares with us. This book is truly a lesson in how to summon our strength to conquer anything we face externally or internally as we walk this earth. I can honestly say I am a better person with more insight and wisdom to cope with life after having read this book.

Jaime Abromovitz
Best Selling Dreamalings Series Children’s Book Author and Best Selling Songwriter and Lyricist.

A powerful manuscript

This is quite a powerful manuscript, with some heartrending sadness, usually followed with joy – and then deep introspection about how life often works that way.

I Liked it very much; there are two sections that felt like a stab in the heart: the first when the author was virtually forced by her father to undergo an abortion; the second when the author had to have Jazz, her dog, put down. There is no way a reader can avoid being deeply touched by these moments – and others like it that occur throughout this manuscript.

Bill Worth
Editor, and Author of the novels "House of the Sun: A Metaphysical Novel of Maui", and "The Hidden Life of Jesus Christ: A memoir", and the newly published non-fiction book exploring his 28 -year journey with multiple sclerosis: "Outwitting Multiple Sclerosis: How forgiveness Helped Me Heal My Brain By Changing My Mind."

Overflowing with affliction and loss

In this all too human memoir, you’ll walk casually through childhood moments and adult routines, periodically seizes with fear, shame, anger and deep loss as you journey through Roggeman’s world. Veiled thinly beneath the graceful and sweet storyline is everyone’s journey through life. Messy, absurd and overflowing with affliction and loss. It speaks to us of being human through pain, yet always alluding to change, growth, and hope. Moving and tender, you’re compelled towards unity and possibility as you cry and smile with her…

Jim Spina
Naval Officer, Nuclear Physicist, Father, and Author

A beautifully painted story

I read from start to finish today. A beautifully painted story that carried me through her life’s journeys.
Made me realize that I am not alone…that others have had trials and pain and loss. The love of our four-legged babies is universal. Find the joy that is everywhere you just have to open your eyes.

She is a warrior on this earth and it was a privilege to get to know her by reading this book.
Thank you!


Beautifully done!

Beautifully done! I was touched and reminded of my own personal losses, trauma. Though her journey Roggeman takes you into real life memories and brings hope to your soul.

Mark G

Great reading

Great reading, read it in just 2 sittings! Loved the honesty and got to know Cindy much better!

Lata Prahbu